Station Crusade

  This past week we had a NHM Station Crusade here at the Field Office.  This year, our staff have all had an opportunity to attend a retreat at a nearby Camp.  Those weekends were a huge encouragement to our staff with many rededicating their lives to Christ or becoming Christians for the first time.  This week we had a chance to worship together.  Each station group was given a chance to do a special item.  The Project guys who have been building some of our … [Read more...]

Harvest Party

Tonight we had our annual harvest party.  We had quite the characters, a whole line of dominos, an Avenger family, Calvin and Hobbes, and Egyptian Princess, Spiderman, Ironman, the Hulk and more. The rain stopped just before our party, which was great timing for us. Source: Harvest Party from Erin Meier - Asia Pacific … [Read more...]


One of my challenges in caring for the patients here in PNG is to try and understand a little of where they are coming from, what challenges they have, what their cultural beliefs are, etc in order to better care for them.  Through the years, I have learned that where a person comes from can have a big impact on their ability to followup regularly.  Cost of transportation, road blocks, fights along the way can all be barriers to those traveling long distances, so trying to get them to … [Read more...]


A few weeks ago, Peniel came into the pediatric ward.  He had fallen a few days before he came, and his parents were concerned because he was having some fevers, developed seizures and quit moving the L side of his body.  Susan did an ultrasound and thought maybe she was seeing something abnormal on the ultrasound of his brain.  Shortly thereafter, Ben and Jim were draining an abscess in his head.  A few days after surgery, I took care of Peniel for a week on the ward. … [Read more...]

Drought and Fires

 After a week of rains, we have had almost 2 wks of no rain.  The tanks are getting low, the mangos are growing, fires are easily started and have lots of fuel to keep them going. Last night, just after finishing dinner with Ben and Katherine Radcliffe, we heard crackling outside.  I looked out the window and saw a large fire in the garden.  Ben and I grabbed buckets of water and ran to try and put the flames out.  The fire was quickly spreading and as we turned to go … [Read more...]