156 Weeks (or 3 years)

One of our first pics in 2013, after moving to the DRCApparently, 156 is the magic number. That is the number of weeks that have passed since we have begun to call this place home.  (For the less dramatic, you could call it three years but it just doesn't sound as long.)  This occurred to me while driving through town this week.  We were weaving our way through a sea of cars when two cops on a motorcycle pulled up next to us.  Trying their luck, they pulled on the door handle … [Read more...]

Cilla's Shower

Cilla Radcliffe is engaged to Wyatt Mills.  While all her family was here for Christmas, we had a bridal shower for her.  We all had lots of laughs and a nice afternoon of remembering Cilla and praying for them as they prepare for marriage.  We also found we have some fashion designers among us as we worked to create some amazing wedding dresses. Source: Cilla's Shower from Erin Meier - Asia Pacific … [Read more...]

Rejoice in the Lord

Phil 4:4 "Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again Rejoice." Paul is in chains, in prison, far from any family, but he continues to write to churches throughout Asia sharing the gospel, and he instructs them to Rejoice, always. The more I think of rejoicing always - the more challenging I find it.   I see death and dying each day, and it isn't always easy to rejoice in those situations, but sometimes patients themselves remind us to rejoice. He is dying of cancer, he is just a kid, … [Read more...]

Missionary Christmas Dinner

We had our annual Missionary Christmas Dinner this weekend, with The Wisemen still seek Him being the theme.  We had a very nice ham dinner, great fellowship with our Missionary Family, singing of Christmas Carols and of course Santa.  There is a Radcliffe Reunion happening at Kudjip this Christmas, so far 5 of the 6 Radcliffe kids are back with their families, including the newest and cutest Betsy Radcliffe.  Christmas is definitely a special time here at Kudjip. Source: … [Read more...]

A short gift of time

He was 18.  He was a strong, muscular young man, who had his whole life in front of him.  He developed a fever, and a few days later his eyes turned yellow and they brought him to the hospital. I saw him the day after he was admitted, his skin was very warm with a fever, his eyes were bright yellow and he was so sick that he was not able to talk, eat or drink.  I looked at his labs and found that his liver and kidney were not working as they should.  I knew his prognosis was … [Read more...]