The Masons are coming to PNG

Nathan and Beckey Mason and their 5 kids are planning to come to PNG to serve alongside of us here starting in Fall of 2016.  Nathan is a Family Practice doctor and Beckey is a busy mother of 5.  As we are looking at 3 of our long term missionaries retiring, we have been trying to recruit some new doctors to join our team here and Nathan and Beckey are part of the answer to that prayer.  They are working on raising support and filling out all the necessary paperwork to come. … [Read more...]

Prayer for the Central Europe Field

The Central Europe Field is made up of the countries of Denmark, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Kosovo, and Norway.  Please pray for the following requests: Pray that the obstacles Central Europeans have to coming to faith would be removed and that many would come to Christ.  Pray for the effective ministry of Nazarene churches. Pray for the pastors and Source: Prayer for the Central Europe Field from Romania … [Read more...]

Shower for Graham

Graham William Thompson was born on August 13, 2015 in the USA to Rachel and Jordan.  His missionary aunts carried on the Kudjip tradition and threw a shower for him  after he was born and took the time to pray for him.  At 3 months old, Graham was very happy and excited for the shower.  He loved all of his presents, especially his diapers and the hat that Cilla made for him.  His aunts enjoyed praying for him and holding him, and learned that they don't know too many … [Read more...]

Much to be thankful for

Thursday night we had a Thanksgiving Pie social and all got together to fellowship and enjoys lots of great pie.  On Friday night, the missionaries gathered together at various houses and enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal.  Ham and chicken are the turkeys of PNG, and the mission family is certainly our family here in PNG.  We had lots of good food and good laughs as we shared what we were thankful for and then just enjoyed fellowshipping with one another. As I think of all I am thankful … [Read more...]

Thinking about Dad

My son Connor is a funny kid.  He says whatever he’s thinking no matter where we are or whom we are with.  Sometimes this brutal honesty trait is totally terrifying as we are guests someplace and he declares that the food is disgusting.  At other times, it can be fun and uplifting, like when he declares, “Dad, when I grow up, I’m going to be just like you.  I’m going to be a missionary, I’m going to drive a truck, I’m going to wear your clothes, and I’m not going to be a … [Read more...]

He speaks

Thomas has been coming to see us every few months for the past few years.  Thomas has leukemia, but thankfully he has the kind of leukemia that can be put in remission by taking a few pills each day.  Ever since I have known Thomas, he hasn't spoken, he always comes in with someone else who does the talking.  Not only does the watchman do the talking, he also uses motions to talk to Thomas, to try and translate whatever questions we have for him.  Thomas has always had a big … [Read more...]

The Time is Now – We Must Be Strong and Courageous!

05 Original These are truly some challenging times in which we live…but they are not so different from the times of the children of Israel in Egypt, the days of captivity in Babylon, the days of the First Century Church.   The Word of God continually reminds us that if we are truly Christlike in our daily lives, that if we truly live counter culturally, that if we are salt and light, that we will be persecuted by the world. 19“If you were of the world, the world would love its own; … [Read more...]

Miles, water and balls

Watching Miles always brings a smile to my face.  His love for balls resonates within me, so when he says can we play baseball or "tennisball" or soccer, I can't help but say yes.  I love throwing balls to him and watching him hit them or even playing catch.  Outside of playing ball at my house, he also loves to play in water.  He  loves putting his hands in the water, his feet, and when able, his body.  Our drought has prevented Miles from getting to play in the … [Read more...]

Mental Photos

Some of my earliest memories include moving to a new town when I was just six years old and my baby sister, Emily, being born when I was seven. I don’t remember full details, but rather small moments. I remember my first day of 1st grade in my new school. I remember the classroom, my teacher, Mrs. Goodman, and how nervous I was. When my sister was born, I remember my parents dropping my other sister and I off to stay with nearby neighbors as they headed to the hospital. These are all small … [Read more...]

Station Crusade

  This past week we had a NHM Station Crusade here at the Field Office.  This year, our staff have all had an opportunity to attend a retreat at a nearby Camp.  Those weekends were a huge encouragement to our staff with many rededicating their lives to Christ or becoming Christians for the first time.  This week we had a chance to worship together.  Each station group was given a chance to do a special item.  The Project guys who have been building some of our … [Read more...]