Extreme Work and Witness Teams Needed in Saipan.

Once again we have been a bit behind the times with our blog writing.  As the chief writers for the Asia-Pacific Regional website and the seven social media channels that we manage on behalf of the Region, it seems that we are always writing, just not on our own blog!!!  I did want to get this urgent request for Work and Witness teams out to all of you so that you might be able to share it with your churches.  More to come…just as soon as I complete writing the quarterly activity and … [Read more...]

8 years

When I got on the plane to return to Papua New Guinea after my shoulder surgery, I realized it was exactly 8 years ago that I first got on a plane to come to PNG.  I remember being a bit scared 8 years ago as I boarded that plane, leaving behind all I had known and having no idea what I would find, who I would meet or how God would use me in PNG.   8 years ago everything was new: the people, the language, the smells, food, the medicine I was there to practice, the missionaries I … [Read more...]

Ridgeview @ Boquerón

Ridgeview Church of the Nazarene hails from Bakersfield, CA.  We started working with Pastor Daren and his church while we were serving in the Philippines.  We were so excited when the contacted us about bringing a team to Honduras.  We talked about a couple of options for projects sites, but one project really stood out to me... Boquerón.  Boquerón is a small community in the department (like a State in the US) of Olancho.  Olanch is the largest department in Honduras, … [Read more...]

Evangelism to Nosy Be

Pst. Patricia leads our first church in Nosy BeWe have long had a church building and a congregation in Nosy Be. In recent years, they have expanded to having a second congregation and then a third. Now, as of last week, there is now a 4th congregation in Nosy Be, all led by women!Last week, an evangelism team of over 60 laypeople and pastors traveled by bus to the very north of the island to Nosy Be, which is another small island off of this larger island. The plan was to help the churches in … [Read more...]

Our Winter Update

A school where many street kids goDepending on your hemisphere, it is winter! Here in the south, we are in the middle of winter, and that generally translates into gloriously sunny, warm days (jeans and t-shirt) and very cool nights (wooly pj's). It's a lovely time of the year here in Madagascar. It's dry season, so the dirt and dust blows constantly on the constant wind (think Oklahoma wind), but the temperatures cannot be beat! It was a bit chilly about 2 weeks ago, but now it is truly … [Read more...]