Nazarene Missions International











“Make Us One…that the World May Know”



  •      8:30 to 9:15 AM
    • Registration (NMI presidents and pastors in Foyer, children in Youth Building)
    • Coffee, donuts, bottled water, snacks at Cafe Naz
    • Deputation sign-up (Gym)
    • Children’s Poster Contest entries (Gym)
    • Browse displays (Gym)
  •      9:30 AM to Noon
    • Worship
    • Creative Access Missionary
    • Convention business
    • Workshops*
  •      Noon to 1:25 PM – Lunch in the Gym, tickets required ($10 adults; $5 children)  NMI luncheon
  •      1:30 to 2:20 PM – Workshops*
  •      2:30 to 3:30 PM – Convention business; presentation of Poster Contest awards

EXCITING CHILDREN’S MISSIONS DAY with Pastor Beth Bidle-Rush and assistants!

Poster Contest Guidelines

*WORKSHOPS (four repeated)

  • When Lord of the Harvest Moves through the Most Populated Places on Earth – A detailed look at changing demographics and what it means for the Nazarene presence in US-Canada megaregions, e.g. populations of more than 10 million people, and how we can join God’s movement to multiply churches, make disciples, prepare pastors and pray specifically to the Lord of the Harvest. (Presented only in the morning breakout session.)
  • A Closer Look at What God Is Doing Among Muslims – Our primary convention speaker, whose life and ministry is immersed in discovering and training select disciples who have converted to Christianity from Islam, will share more in-depth and personal stories of God’s work in some of the most challenging areas of the world. (Presented only in the afternoon breakout session.)
  • Christian Literature for Africa – Learn how this ministry in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, begun by a retired Nazarene missionary, is effectively assisting with making disciples and training pastors in the Africa Region. Learn how to bring new life to the printed page.  (Repeated)
  • Journeys into an Unknown Language – Firsthand information on living among hunter-gatherers (Pygmies) in the Central African rain forest of Cameroon and Gabon, developing a language and translating the Bible, sharing the love of God and the story of Jesus with unreached people. (Repeated)
  • Missions in Your Neighborhood – An IMPD officer shares experiences of building relationships with the least, the lost, the lonely neighbors living within the neighborhood he serves on a daily basis. Practical insights into touching lives that may change eternity through simple acts of kindness.  Sharing Jesus in your neighborhood.  (Repeated)
  • The Synergy of Prayer and Unity – Corporate prayer nourishes unity in the Body of Christ. When we are one in Christ, He becomes believable to the world (John 20:21).  But be warned! Courage is required!  (Repeated)