Bucket Living

I find myself pretty emotional these days. Well, actually, I’m emotional most other times as well, but this is a different type of emotion. Currently, we are in the middle of the desert, figuratively speaking. Seven weeks without water in our house has left us relying on “bucket” living, meaning a constant stream of filling up buckets from a back faucet and carrying them inside our house. We “bucket” flush, we take “bucket” baths and the dishes get a “bucket” rinse. I’d like to think we are pros at “bucket” living now. Three days ago, we found ourselves without even the small trickle of water coming in our back faucet. “What are we going to do for water?” was my first thought. “Where are we going to get it from?” I’m reminded of a woman in the Bible. A Samaritan woman going to draw water at a well, Jacob’s well. I can picture the scene well in mind after seeing women draw water from wells here.  In John, chapter 4, we read about this Samaritan woman going to fill her “bucket” with water and meeting Jesus. He asks for a drink from her, breaking a Jewish law. Jews were not supposed to talk with Samaritans. And, being a man, he was not supposed to talk to a woman without her husband present. But, that day, that life-changing day for this woman, Jesus wasn’t concerned with the law. He was concerned with offering grace and a chance to know Him. This…
Source: Bucket Living from Fothergill – Africa

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