Rain and mangos

For the past 2+ months, the Highlands of PNG has gotten very little rain.  Gardens have been deserted, drinking water sources have all but dried up and many folks have suffered the ill effects of diarrheal illnesses from contaminated water sources. Thankfully, the heavens have opened up and rains have poured down on the Highlands of PNG once again.  Our water tanks are full, but the river is still pretty low, and there are many areas in PNG where the rains have not yet return to, so please keep praying for more rain. The only good thing about a drought is the hope of mangos.  Mangos need a period of time to grow without wind and rain to knock off the buds and the little mangos as they start to grow.  Droughts provide that period of time for the mangos to grow.  It has been years since our mango tree produced mangos, but it looks like this might be another good year for mangos.  Our trees have 100s of little mangos on them, hoping the rains don’t knock off the rest.
Source: Rain and mangos from Erin Meier – Asia Pacific

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